Orbital welding technology represents a significant advancement in the field of welding, offering high precision and consistency in the joining of pipes and tubes. This automated welding process, often executed by orbital welding machines, has found applications in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor manufacturing, food processing, and more. In this article, Swisstech Schreiner will explore orbital welding technology and the benefits it offers in terms of automatic welding machine services.


Orbital Welding Technology Services

Orbital Welding technology - automatic welding machine service

Orbital welding technology involves the rotation of the welding electrode and the workpiece around a fixed point. This rotation ensures that the electrode remains at a consistent angle and distance from the workpiece, resulting in precise and high-quality welds. The process is highly automated and is well-suited for welding pipes, tubes, and other cylindrical components. It offers several key advantages:

Consistency: Orbital welding machines provide a high degree of consistency in the welding process. They can replicate the same weld parameters repeatedly, reducing the chances of defects and variations in the final product.

Precision: The controlled movement of the welding electrode around the workpiece ensures that the weld is made with exceptional precision. This is particularly crucial in industries where even the slightest deviation from specifications can lead to performance issues or safety concerns.

Quality: The automated nature of Orbital Welding technology minimizes the impact of human error, resulting in high-quality welds that meet or exceed industry standards and regulations. This is especially important in critical applications like aerospace or pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Productivity: While the setup of an orbital welding machine may require time and expertise, once in operation, it can significantly increase productivity. Operators can perform other tasks while the machine handles the welding process, reducing labor costs and increasing overall efficiency.

Versatility: Orbital welding machines can be used with various materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and more. They are adaptable to different welding processes, such as TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Automatic Orbital Welding Machine Services

Orbital Welding technology - automatic welding machine service

The deployment of orbital welding technology typically involves the use of automatic welding machines and associated services. These services may encompass the following:

Machine Setup and Calibration: Orbital welding machines require precise setup and calibration to ensure the desired weld quality. Service providers offer expertise in configuring the machines for specific welding applications, including selecting the appropriate electrodes, gases, and welding parameters.

Operator Training: Proper training of operators is crucial to maximize the benefits of orbital welding technology. Service providers often offer training programs to ensure that operators can effectively use the machines, troubleshoot issues, and maintain them.

Maintenance and Support: Like any piece of industrial equipment, orbital welding machine requires regular maintenance to operate efficiently. Service providers offer maintenance services, including preventive maintenance and troubleshooting, to keep the machines in optimal working condition.

Quality Assurance: For industries where the quality of welds is paramount, service providers may offer quality assurance services to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.


Swisstech Schreiner Offer the orbital welding services 

Orbital Welding technology - automatic welding machine service

Orbital Welding Technology is a semi-automatic welding process (no filler material required) that uses a ceriated tungsten to rotate around a fixed work piece. This produces high quality welds commonly encountered in high purity systems.

Swisstech’s Orbital Welding System’s unique modular fixture provides the flexibility to weld many tube, conduit and component combinations required to fabricate the system. With the ability to weld pipes from 1/4" to 1" in diameter, Orbital Welding technology is versatile enough to suit many applications.

For use with other Swisstech Schreiner products such as pipes, solder connectors and valves:

  • Orbital power supply
  • Welding head
  • Pipe smoothing tool
  • Pipe saw
  • Cleaning system

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Other services related to orbital welding technology

Orbital Welding technology - automatic welding machine service

Orbital welding machine calibration service : Quality standards such as ISO 9000, require regular equipment calibration.

Orbital automatic welding machine rental service: To carry out a project sometimes investing in a welding machine is not necessary. So we provide welding machines for rent weekly or monthly.

Training service on orbital welding machines : The training program can be carried out in Vietnam or at the enterprise's factory

For projects that require consistent welds with a consistent, safe and precise welding method, Swisstech orbital welders can help you achieve this. Swisstech orbital welders provide gas tungsten arc welds (GTAW) for both tubes and pipes. Its real-time monitoring and recording capabilities help streamline documentation to easily comply with your industry requirements.


In conclusion, orbital welding technology, when coupled with automatic welding machine services, presents a powerful solution for industries that demand high-quality, precise, and consistent welds. It is a testament to the continued advancement of automation and robotics in manufacturing processes, providing increased efficiency, reduced human error, and improved overall product quality. As technology continues to evolve, orbital welding is likely to play an increasingly significant role in various industries.

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The orbital welding machine is the picture of the perfect weld.

The orbital welding machine is the picture of the perfect weld.

While the cost of the equipment is somewhat high, orbital welding machine can provide 2-3 times higher productivity than traditional welding. People use orbital welding machine in aerospace, biotechnology, chemical , food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical, power, and shipbuilding industries.

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