An orbital welding machine can operate securely and dependably for a considerable amount of time by adhering to a routine of proper and complete maintenance work welding . In addition to causing equipment failure, improper, insufficient, or completely disregarded maintenance poses a substantial risk of serious harm or even death. It is quite simple to maintain welding machines with a little planning and forethought.


The importance of maintenance work welding

Orbital welding machines have become a device used more and more in life, especially in industries, due to the increasing demand for their use. There are many brands of orbital welding machines with a variety of prices on the market today to help users have more choices, and Swisstech Schreiner's imported famous brand orbital welding machines are one of the most trusted, appreciated, and chosen brands thanks to their quality and excellent service.

In the process of working, many components of the welding machine, such as bearings or welding flame separators, are easy to malfunction, and it is difficult to repair and understand where the damage is in the process of maintenance and use. The right maintenance work welding method will help improve the life and working efficiency of the machine and, at the same time, avoid accidents due to technical problems during work.

As a genuine distributor of orbital welding machines and provider of solutions in factory pipelines in industries like beverage industry, chemicals, shipbuilding in Vietnam, Swisstech Schreiner - we have an maintenance service department with a team of skilled engineers and repairmen, please introduce Here are some steps to help maintain the best welding machine and bring benefits to you:

- Check all parts of the welding machine before working; make sure the equipment is grounded and free from excessive dust; replace all defective valves or burnt, damaged hoses because those parts can be the reason why our whole machine has problems.

- Use safety equipment suitable for your welding machine, as they are recommended by the manufacturer to ensure your safety as well as the safety of the welding machine, to avoid fire or damage to your equipment. working settings and regularly rechecked according to the manufacturer's instructions. With electric arc welding, place the ground and use suitable fuses to prevent explosion

  - Ensure a safe working area; move all objects that may make it unsafe to work; ensure that the equipment used for welding is clean and that there is no residue or flammable substances attached; grasp wind conditions as well as the conditions of the construction site, preventing dirt from entering the equipment.

  - Using the correct working setting, electrodes and fillers during welding must conform to the manufacturer's instructions. Using the wrong working setting or material can cause overload or overheating and damage to the workpiece or your welding machine itself.

  - Store the device in a dry and safe place after use; it may be damaged if dropped or bumped, and it may corrode if exposed to a high humidity environment or have dust accumulation in the circuits. Power or important parts can cause the machine to fail quickly or reduce its working efficiency.


Routine maintenance work welding schedule

In addition, when using the orbital welding process, customers should follow this routine maintenance work welding schedule by the hours.

8 Hours Maintenance

  • Wipe up oil and fuel spills right away
  • Check the fluid levels (oil and fuel)
  • Service the air filter

50 Hours Maintenance

  • Service the air filter element
  • Clean and tighten the weld terminals

100 Hours Maintenance

  • Chang the oil
  • Change the oil filter
  • Change and tighten the battery connections
  • Clean the cooling system

200 Hours Maintenance

  • Replace the unreadable labels
  • Replace the fuel filter
  • Check the valve clearance

250 Hours Maintenance

  • Check and clean the spark arrestor
  • 500 Hours Maintenance
  • Tape or replace cracked cables
  • Clean/set injectors

1000 Hours Maintenance

Blow out or vacuum the dirty inside of the equipment. When there is a lot of workload, make sure to do this every month.


Hopefully, our above instructions can help you in the process of using and maintaining your welding machine.Please contact Swisstech Schreiner for advice. We provide professional and comprehensive solutions and maintenance work welding service. We are happy to answer all of your questions!

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